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Convertible Car Route

Drive, discover, compete, enjoy, share and experience...


Experience Box offers a unique way to discover & explore a wonderful destination that is the Costa del Sol.

Let us guide you along routes where you can be fascinated with the intense blue colour from the   Mediterranean Sea, the natural landscapes in order to discover the charming white villages hide there.

What better way to discover the environment with our own senses, driving and feeling the breeze of the Mediterranean, enjoying the gastronomy of each place and interacting with the locals about the culture and history.

We will give you at disposal convertibles cars (max 4 people per car) and an iPad where you will find maps, interest points, etc. to make it more interesting you will have some questions to be answered, and result points. So you will compete with the other team/car.

This activity is a mix of team building, competitive, culture and history from the area to be discovered.
Enjoyed the gastronomy and discover the south of Spain in a different way.

The steps are:

  • Security instructions, car, iPad and materials. 
  • Let’s start: (all the points like: viewpoint, test, videos to make will be geolocation on the iPads)
  • Ending of the rout & awards for winners

All the pictures and videos will be sent to the client after the event.

The activity includes:

  • Event managers & coordination from EB
  • Coordination & pacification the programme
  • Convertibles cars
  • Customized programme  
  • Basic insurance


  • Activities during the trip
  • Tapas or lunch

Possibilities to combine with other activities like:

Or we could customize the activity as your preference


Who's it for?

This activity is perfect for groups who are looking an original one-day visit the fantastic environment around us, is a combination of fun and teamwork. In addition, it is a completely customizable experience, so we can adapt it to you.

  • Materials, cars and guidelines
  • Begin the activity, teams ready to go.
  • Make the test on the iPad along the trip
  • Awards ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
9 to 100 people
6 hours
All participants must hold and bring a valid driver license
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken