Tips to organize team building activities in Malaga

The concept of "team building" can be very broad, ranging from specific activities in short periods of time, full days, to weeks organized by companies, both within and outside working hours. When we started our business the concept of these actions was looking for a main objective, motivate staff and improve the working environment, but over time these activities and days are also used to delve deeper into the following aspects:

  • Assessment of the group structure and individual characteristics of each team member, leadership, problem solving, time management, change management,
  • Formative approach: Work on communication skills, leadership, sense of permanence in a group that seeks the stability of the individual
  • Development and empowerment of personal and social skills of each individual, and seek the vision of the worker as an integrated member of a project.

The activity of team building, as such, has evolved to satisfy all these aspects and has become a very important part of the annual planning of companies, because it is seen as a very powerful tool for the future of the company.Bearing in mind that each company is different and can seek different objectives, it is important to analyze the activity to be developed at each moment, to ensure that their employees and the company achieve the proposed objectives.
At the moment, companies are looking for originality, efficiency and an impeccable organization. For this reason, they place this important task in the hands of companies specialized in the organization of team building events.The best team building companies, after a previous and rigorous study of the corporate needs and the profile of the employees, advise the company about what can be the ideal experience, event, activity or activities, in each occasion and take charge of its organization, development and production in an integral way.

The current trends in the team building market for 2019-2020 are very varied:

  • Adventure Activities: When a group of people have to overcome a challenge, they end up much more united. Moreover, if this challenge takes place in an adventure space, where a certain level of tension, uncertainty, etc. is perceived. The feeling of proximity and group complicity is intensified. For example: Activities on the beach with survival components, including tastings of various exotic foods, canyoning activities, etc...
  • New technologies: the role of new technologies remains key in the world of team building. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, tablets and ipads. And without forgetting the useful information that is the obtaining of valuable data for the company that is obtained at the end of the event and to be able to elaborate the reporting reports. For example: yinkanas with ipads fused with local gastronomy, culture and local art, such as an orientation route with convertible cars through different wineries and oil mills in the region.  
  • CSR activities: These are growing and latent values in the world we live in and there is no better way to involve and encourage teamwork seeking to achieve a good cause. Commitment, responsibility, integration in the search for an improvement of your environment. For example: descents of ravines during which the natural environment is cleaned or realization of recycling workshops where musical instruments are generated.
  • Gastronomic activities. Gastronomy continues to be an important point when it comes to choosing a destination for conventions, incentive trips, etc... and it was not going to be any less when it came to choosing a teamwork activity, but the simple tasting activities were left behind. For example, Andalusia offers countless original activities related to gastronomy, tapas routes (interactive), inclusive food competition, and gastronomic scavenger hunts.
  • Activities to make the most of the environment in an original way: The aim is to promote the aspects of a place, a region, etc. For example, on the Costa del Sol, we are increasingly looking to promote team building activities, such as: golf competitions from a boat, treasure hunts at sea using a boat as a means of transport, escape games on board, etc ....
  • Escape game activities: we are talking about an activity that became fashionable in cities for a few participants and has been extrapolated to cities or places where a large number of people can participate at the same time. This activity combines many characteristics of a teambuilding, time management, teamwork under pressure and achievement of a final goal.
  • Activities related to relaxation and mindfulness: Companies are increasingly looking for relaxation and meditation as team building work and problem avoidance. It is about working on stress management through these activities. In this sense we agree that contact with the open air cleanses us of high work tensions. Hiking, yoga, etc. They are a good example.

In addition to the most innovative activities, more traditional actions or team building activities are still practiced, focused on strengthening ties between colleagues, intermediate positions and managers.

Experts in team building have noticed that, in general, both employees and companies are increasingly demanding in this type of activities. But there is a factor that is very present in this 2019 in this type of activities: PERSONALISATION.

The company and assistants are looking for something more, it is a question of leaving a mark on the person who has carried out the activity and that it is a memory that helps them in their work day by day and to wait with illusion and desire the next activity and that can only be achieved with a personalized work in each activity and transmitting that it is something unique created for them and their needs.