Stage Rental

For a speech, a flamenco show, a band, a briefing, etc

There are many reasons why you will probably need a stage during your next event on the Costa del Sol: a speech, a flamenco show, a music band or any performance that requires the use of a platform (stage units) to set up a professional stage. This is why we offer you some quality platforms with extendable legs between 40cm and 60cm high.

These platforms are modules of 2m X 1m, which offers great flexibility to set up the ideal stage for your performance or speech. It can also serve as a platform for the flamenco dancers etc..

This rental service comes with the delivery and set up and you may also rent any A/V equipment you need (high quality sound equipment, screen, projector, LED television, microphones, etc). We can also offer carpet service, skirt, steps, etc.

Who's it for?

Our 1x2m platform modules are ideal for setting up stages for private and corporate events on the Costa del Sol. They are usually used for flamenco shows, speeches, product presentations, etc.

Additional Information

Number of participants
Our stage units are suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Languages Spoken

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