Graffiti Puzzle Box

Unlocking Creativity: A graffiti puzzle experience

Experience Box offers you a unique and collaborative artistic team-building experience that combines creativity, teamwork, and fun. This group activity harnesses the dynamism of spray painting combined with a very special and entirely blank canvas where teams will have to unleash their creativity. This team-building activity is contemporary, artistic, and creative. Each group will leave its mark, using a blank canvas as a foundation. Look no further; this is undoubtedly the best icebreaking or artistic teambuilding activity on the Costa del Sol.

Participants will have the opportunity to express an idea on a wall of boxes, using tools such as spray paint, scissors, Poscas markers, stencyls and more. To obtain these materials, they will need to overcome various challenges and tests. Moreover, they can choose from different graffiti styles, from letters and words to characters and abstractions.

In the final challenge, teams will present their work and carry out an ingenious and constructive task. If participants wish, they can take the artwork with them at the end of the activity.

This activity is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings and can be adapted to any location, as the working surface remains completely clean thanks to the use of water-based materials that are easy to clean.

Ready for a unique creative experience?

Who's it for?

This activity extends itself like a blank canvas, poised to captivate a diverse array of groups. Its design is chameleon-like, remarkably versatile, and capable of adapting to a multitude of contexts and objectives. On one hand, it emerges as a potent team-building instrument for businesses and organizations, fostering an environment where collaboration, creativity, and team cohesion blossom among employees. On the other hand, it effortlessly transitions into a lighthearted and unforgettable experience for corporate events and conferences, where its primary aim is to engage participants and stimulate interaction.

  • Presentation of the activity and explanation of the activity
  • Challenges to obtain the materials
  • The challenge begins!
  • Presentation of the murals
  • Reconstruction challenge
  • Final Winners' Ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 150 persons
1-2 hours
All year round
Languages Spoken

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