Recymusic Experience

Recycling experience and teamwork for groups

Experience Box presents a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) experience, in which you will combine, in a dynamic and fun way, teamwork, your artistic talents and the possibility of helping the planet with your recycling abilities.

For this experience, we will use recycled materials that will be transformed into musical instruments that will be used to compete against the rest of the teams to demonstrate your artistic talents.

At the start of each activity, teams will be created and once the CSR activity begins, they will have to design and create different instruments with the materials provided. To make it a bit more complicated, teams will have to solve some fun challenges to "earn" the materials.

Once instruments are finished, it will be time to rehearse and surprise the rest of the groups and our jury with a percussion performance!

Do not hesitate, this activity is the perfect blend of teamwork, fun, creativity and most important of all, it has a social purpose (CSR) that consists of making us aware of the need to respect our planet.

This activity can be done anywhere in the area of Andalusia/Southern Spain, such as Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Estepona, Gibraltar, etc.

All the instruments built in this activity will be given out to the participants at the end of the workshop.

This activity can also be done by creating toys instead of instruments, which will be donated to unprivileged children in the area.

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Who's it for?

This music recycling workshop in Andalusia is a brilliant idea for those groups that are looking for a combination of team building, fun and above al,l want to collaborate to help others.

  • Creation of teams
  • Delivery of material
  • Challenges to get materials
  • Rehearsal and staging
  • Award Ceremony and Group Picture

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 400 personas
Approx. 2 hours
This activity does not depend on weather condition, due to it can be organized indoor as well
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Languages Spoken

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