MusicBox Experience

A dynamic combination of Musical Quiz, Karaoke & team work

You now have the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the most fun experiences on the Costa del Sol, the "MusicBox", an exclusive professional musical challenge. In this activity you will not only have to demonstrate music-related knowledge, but you will also have to show your singing, acting and improvising skills !

This activity, which can be carried out both indoors and outdoors, consists of a team competition, where we will carry out a series of specific challenges, such as:

  • Guess the song title
  • Find the name of the singer or the band
  • Music culture questions/quiz
  • Group singing
  • Individual singing
  • Etc

Like in a real TV show, our activity will also have an amazing program host/entertainer, who will be in charge of presenting, guiding and managing the activity, as well as indicating the scores of each team in real time. As this activity is a true competition, we will divide the group into several teams.

One of the reasons why this activity is always a success is probably that it can be customized according to the customer's needs and expectations. The only thing necessary to carry out this activity is an adequate space for the size of the group, either in the hotel or any other space/venue. We will take care of : 

  • AV equipment (screen, projector, wireless microphones, cabling, stage, etc)
  • Professional BUZZERS for each teams (interactive and with linghts and sound)
  • Professional Quiz sofware with incredibly powerful features

We also propose Exclusive upgrade options like : 

  • Props / atrezzos for every team
  • Special mapping solutions
  • Professional singer(s) to accompany and stimulate the teams
  • Interactive magician show in between music challenges
  • Pop corn machine and baskets
  • Upgrades AV solutions, including smoke machine, confetti machine, giant LED screens, etc)
  • Furniture rental (living room style, etc)

This activity is ideal as an icebreaker before, between or after a meeting or during a meal or a cocktail reception.

Do not hesitate, our musical quiz challenge is the most fun option you will find for your group on the Costa del Sol!

Who's it for?

This is a perfect activity for Corporate groups looking for a fun competition in Spain, very much appropriate for incentive trips, teambuilding exercises, conferences, Christmas parties, summer events, etc ...

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 300
It can be done both indoors and outdoors, so it does not depend on time.
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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