Cocktail Competition

Learn from the best, compete like a Boss !

Experience Box brings you a unique cocktail experience for groups from 10 to 100 people. This activity is perfect to promote the team work spirit and for Corporate groups who are interested in doing something fun and creative in Costa del Sol.

We will start to warm up with a cocktail made by our expert barmen and the group will be divided into different teams to spice up the competition. As soon as the teams are created, our bartenders will explain the rules of the game as well as they will give some advice and tips to improve your skills in the cocktail elaboration. But that's not all, since we like to encourage your skills we will make you take different challenges and specifis tasks related to the art of mixology. Here we show you some examples:

Cocktail elaboration
The bartender will make THE cocktail and once is done the competition will start! Make sure you and your group pay attention to details such as ingredients, elaboration, measures and we challenge you to make it as good as the one of our bartender or at least try it!

Flairing performance

Focus and pick up from your team the two participants you think will be the best candidates to juggle the cocktail shaker. This is a good challenge to see how good you know the people of your team!


Not all is going to be copying cocktails, part of this activity is to be creative. Each team will choose a secret ingredient to make yout own signature cocktail. We will set up a time limit and after our judges taste the cocktail of each group we will announce the winning team. We will take in consideration factors, like teamwork, authencity, taste of the cocktail, basically we encourage you to think outside the box

Do not look any further, this activity combines a fun teambuilding activity with the reward of a nice fresh cocktails!

Who's it for?

This activity has been designed for those groups who are looking to express their most creative side, working as a team and also will give you some tips and tricks to be a good barman!

  • Welcome cocktail made by our expert barman
  • Presentation of the teams 
  • Competition begins with the different challenges
  • Score from the jury
  • Ceremony Award

Additional Information

Number of participants
15 to 300 people
Around 2-3 hours
This activity doesn't depend on weather condition. Can be performed all year long both indoor and outdoor.
What to wear
We recommend some comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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