Sangria Challenge

Learn, enjoy and compete at this unique Sangria workshop

Spain is famous for its rich and varied gastronomy, paella is the King of all dishes and the most known drink, which is very often present on the beach and during meals, is the famous Sangria. Experience Box gives you the opportunity to organize a workshop for your group, where we will show you how to prepare it correctly, as well as have a great time and enjoy this wonderful and refreshing beverage.

But it is not just a fun workshop, it is a teambuilding activity where competition is an important part. We will divide the group into different teams, showcase/demo how to prepare the classic sangria (with some history, tips, things to avoid, why, etc) and then it will be your turn to prepare several sangrias, actually three different types : 

  • Classic Sangria
  • White Sangria
  • Creative / Signature Sangria

This activity is guided by a master of ceremony as well as an expert in sangria preparation. This expert will demonstrate the different steps that need to be done to elaborate the sangria correctly (don't think it is that easy...). Once the demo is over, each team will have to solve several challenges in order to "win/gather" all the equipments and ingredients needed to elaborate their three sangrias.

The sangria challenge is a very fun activity, but it's also a competition, as our "judges" will be tasting each sangria and score them based on the different criteria explained previously. 

NOTE : as you can see on the photo albums, we can also include a TAPAS WORKSHOP to create a complete pre-dinner experience.

Who's it for?

This sangria workshop is an ideal activity for corporate groups looking to combine gastronomy, culture, competition and fun in one single experience. There is no need to have previous experience and everyone is welcome to enjoy the event. 

It is usually organized before a lunch or dinner as it's a great ice breaker, it allows good mingling and is a very complete experience. However, should you be looking for a complete team building activity, we also offer the possibility to upgrade it to our Paella Competition.

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 300
~1 hour
The reservation of the space where the workshop will be organized runs on the customer’s account
This kind of activity does not depend on the weather as it can be organized indoors and outdoors
What to wear
All year, subject to availability
Todo el año, sujeto a disponibilidad
Languages Spoken

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