Masterchef Challenge

Barbecue, paella or any culinary Masterchef challenge


Our gastronomy Masterchef program is an ideal group activity for any corporate group looking for a fun and interactive team building or incentive activity on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia. The Masterclass can be organized in your hotel of residence,in a beatiful Beach Club, in a Cortijo, on the beach or in any other suitable venue.

It consists in a course on how to prepare a specific dish, like a series of differrent paellas, a quality barbecue, tapas, etc. This course will be give to several sub-groups, generally in a competition mode, including several tasks/challenges. This activity is normally done in an informal, funny way and should be ideally done in a private area of the resort (should the hotel allow it).

We will include top quality ingredients, material, Chefs Service, Events Manager, set-up, professional photographer, etc.

Example of some of our gastronomy Challenges:

BBQ Masterchef Challenge

This event starts with our Head Chef explaining live in front of the group how to marinate various cuts of meat and/or Fish, showing all the ingredients we can use for the different style of marinating. We will then divide the group into equal teams and brief them on the objectives of our BBQ Masterchef. Teams are then outfitted with Chef Hats, Aprons, Gourmet BBQ’s, and an array of cooking Utensils. Teams are then also provided a whole bunch of raw, unprepared ingredients. We will add a few secret herbs and spices, along with the secret ingredient of the day, and the teams are ready to start planning their menu. Teams must prepare themed courses including a gourmet salad, a sample of delicious vegetables, a selection of BBQ dishes containing the secret ingredient.

But the fun doesn't stop there. In addition each team will need to create a team name and a team sound, cheer or even a commercial spot. Our Head Chef, together with the appointed client’s Senior Manager, will choose the winning team.

After the competition, the group will be eating what they have prepared. All served with a selection of fine local wines (optional, and maybe served by the hotel or the venue).

Paella Masterchef Cooking Class Challenge

Our Head Chef will prepare live in front of the group the most popular classic Spanish dish: Paella. The instructions on how to make the paella can be given in English or, the more challenging option in Spanish. The group will then be divided in smaller groups and each one of them will have to prepare a large Paella dish.

We would normally add extra ingredients that are not normally used to prepare Paella and the groups will need to make sure they only use the correct ingredients. Once all the Paellas have been prepared the Chef, together with the appointed client’s Senior Manager, will have to choose the best Paella. After the competition, the group will be eating what they have prepared.

The lunch will consist of a selection of Tapas to start with followed by the Paella they have prepared. All served with a selection of local wines.

Blind Regional Wine Tasting Challenge 

The group will taste 3 different good-quality local wines, a red, a white and a rosé.

After the wine tasting session, the group will have to taste the wines drinking them from a black wine glass without having the possibility to see the colour of the wine. Seems easy? Don't even think it is...

Also available : Paella workshop in Marbella restaurants, for large groups

Who's it for?

The gastronomy Masterchef program is one of the most original team building and incentive activities available on the Costa del Sol, combining fun, team work, creativity, culture and many other factors. 


The itinerary is always adapted to the available time and expectations of the group, as all our events are fully tailor-made.

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 300
Shoud the weather be bad, we would try to find an indoo "plan B" or postpone the date
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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