Firepainting Show

Enjoy a very UNIQUE firepainting performance

Our firepainting performance is a unique and pioneering show created by a well-known artist who has worked for Cirque du Soleil and offers his art and fire show in the best venues in Ibiza, Tulum and Marbella / Costa del Sol.

Fire Painting is the perfect combination of Art and Shows/performance. It is a technique by means of which a process of automatic cauterization of the paint is carried out, which allows to continue working on it and creating very particular textures in it, allowing a fast evolution of the work without needing moments of drying. This very original way of painting makes the live painting very spectacular, visual and attractive for the guests, making it an ideal entertainment option during your next Corporate event or Farewell/Gala dinner.

It can be combined with other performances related to Art, like a graffiti live painting on your giant logo (or any sort of canvas and support), a collaboration canvas experience for your guests, personalized hand painting gifts, etc.

Who's it for?

Our firepainting performance is the perfect artistic touch for any Corporate and private event as it can be made during a cocktail, a dinner, ceremony, presentation, etc

It can be personalised in the colours and shades of your choice, and can also be finished with a phrase/slogan, inspirational idea or corporate logo.

An original option we offer is to sell the piece of art that is created as a result of the show.

It is a totally unique and incomparable piece, created live, which can be given an emotional value (in case you want to make an auction or sale, we recommend using motivational phrases, instead of brand claims or slogans, so that they have more output and engage the customer).

  • The duration can be adapted to the time needed for each event, as well as the size of the work (canvas)
  • It is not necessary to have a large space for it, e.g. 2x3m is more than enough.
  • All the works are made with 2 different types of fire and gunpowder, which creates different effects and textures, as well as favouring a more complete and diverse show.

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 1.000
2h to 4h
The show can be done indoor and outdoor, so it's not dependant on the weather conditions
Subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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