Musical Bingo Experience

Have a fun musical night that no one will forget !

Are you looking for an original and very fun activity for your group? Then our Musical Bingo is the perfect experience for you!

With this entertaining activity, you have the opportunity to bring your group together and enjoy a fun show that will "challenge" your musical knowledge. 

This icebreaker activity is perfect to boost and live up your corporate function (a dinner, a cocktail), a party, a prize ceremony, etc).

The rules are similar to a conventional bingo, but we have adapted it to incorporate a dynamic and entertaining music factor : music-customized interactive cardboards, a playlist adapted to the groups taste in music, entertainers, AV solutions, profesional bingo machine, etc… 

This activity will be guided by our fantastic master of ceremonies, who will be in charge of randomly drawing out the balls that correspond to a song. Then our DJ will "call play" a piece of that song, and so on. Each participant or team will have to recognize the song and cross it off on their bingo cards trying to obtain one complete line  or a "full house" (BINGO!). The group can sing and dance at any time!

The participants will not only listen to songs during the game, they will also face other challenges, like watching a musical videoclip and guess what song corresponds to the videoclip in order to cross it on their card.

The experience generally includes party lights, quality sound equipment, smoke machine and other props to give a party atmosphere and make the evening memorable!

This activity can be combined with a Karaoke or even be upgraded to an even more complete and competitive activity, our famous MUSIQUIZ!

Do you want to take it further and add a truly magical touch to your Musical Bingo? Then Bingo Stars is the perfect choice for you! With our unique experience, bingo numbers will come to life in a spectacular way thanks to the exciting live performances by our artists.

Imagine the excitement when some numbers are accompanied by vibrant and captivating performances. Bingo Stars is not just a game, it's a show that transforms the musical bingo experience into an extraordinary and unmatched spectacle.

With Bingo Stars, you're not just hosting an event, you're creating unforgettable memories for all your guests. From laughter to applause, every moment will be a unique and thrilling experience.

So elevate your event experience and let us make it shine with the incomparable magic of Bingo Stars. Make your event unforgettable and let it shine with the excitement of Bingo Stars!

This is a unique opportunity on the Costa del Sol so be assured that once the group members start the game, they won’t stop singing and dancing!

Who's it for?

This Music Bingo activity is perfect for music-lover groups looking for a fun and original experience. during any type of corporate function It can be organized in a hotel, a restaurant or any venue with enough space for the set up. The success is guaranteed!

Who will  be the first one to shout “BINGO!” ?

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 300
This activity does not depend on weather conditions, as it can be performed indoor and outdoor as well.
All year round, subject to availability.
Languages Spoken

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