Motivational Drumming

An incredible experience combining connection, musical synergy and motivation!

Join Experience Box in an incredible challenge combining human connection, synergy and motivation!

We are talking about music production, starting from team creation, and an orchestral leadership game for which we will use our sensational sign language.

You will have wanted to do it previously and you will desire more.

We will divide the group into sections (high, low, medium, etc.) and each participant will have an instrument. In each section, one of our musicians will guide and explain the techniques of each instrument as well as their function in the context of rhythm, so that later, we can begin the percussion game with signs directed by a director of our team. When both premises are well established, it will be time to create!

Each section will compose and create, based on our method, a series of rhythmic patterns which in the end, together, will generate a rhythmic movement that can impress. The energy that the percussion will transmit together with the sensation of creating and playing music in a perfect harmony is a unique experience.

As drumming experts we have created a phenomenal activity/game for corporate groups, in the most fun, personalized and motivating way possible. 

Our workshop is focused on promoting the production of each area or section of the group as a crucial item to obtain one single great result. The inputting quality of each participant and of each group will be instantly visible, so proving the importance of a work done as a team instead of individually.

Either for smaller or bigger groups, our percussion challenge activity marks the different among motivational activities.

Who's it for?

This activity is ideal for corporate or private groups that are looking for a motivational musical experience for their high-performance work teams. Our offer combines teamwork, music, percussion/drumming and fun, using different types of drums (Brazilian and Latin, African, percussion accessories, etc.)

  • Welcome briefing and a small introduction
  • Creation of the rhythmic sections
  • Practice per section
  • Percussion game signs
  • Global performance

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 100 participants
2 hours
This activity depends on the weather, as it can be organized indoors or outdoors
Comfortable clothing
all year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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