PTA Challenge

Exclusive, fun, dynamic and safe... this is the PTA CHALLENGE

The PTA CHALLENGE is an adaptation of the new generation of interactive scavenger hunts, carried out EXCLUSIVELY by EXPERIENCE BOX. Don't look any further, because you won't find anything similar on the market. This is an experience designed exclusively for PTA-based companies, ideal as a team building activity or simply to spend a couple of fun hours with your colleagues.

The PTA Challenge takes place within the grounds of the "PARQUE TECNOLOGICO de ANDALUCIA", just outside MALAGA city beginning with a welcome speech, followed by a briefing with game instructions. We will explain the rules to all the participants and each group will be given a backpack with an ipad, as well as several tools and elements that will be necessary to get the maximum possible score. We also include hydroalcoholic gels and face masks.

The iPad will be the fundamental tool that the teams will use to guide themselves through the technology park, as we include a map with a geolocation system. The map will show a series of icons or points of interest to which each team must go in order to try to win points. It should be noted that each icon has a specific task to perform, and a specific score according to the difficulty of the test, so it is essential to decide in advance a good team strategy, to decide which tests to do first and which to leave until the end.

The tests to be performed can be:

  • Record videos or take pictures under certain conditions
  • Answering questions
  • Search for clues in the area
  • Solving challenges
  • Solving riddles.
  • Recreating choreographies
  • Telling a story
  • And many more fun tests!

But not only that, they will also encounter virtual obstacles like ghosts or zombies, which will make the path to the trials even more difficult. Teams will be able to send messages to each other, as well as make alliances, send bombs/gadgets to each other and view scores in real time (up to several minutes before the end of the activity).

This activity is ideal as a team building activity and as a different kind of fun from the day to day at the office. The activity can be personalized, both in terms of schedule, budget, objectives to be achieved, difficulty, starting and ending points, etc.

The starting point can be anywhere in the PTA and the activity can end at the same point or at a different point if the group prefers.

Who's it for?

The PTA Challenge is an interactive treasure hunt with iPads, designed especially for companies in the Technology Park of Malaga. This activity usually lasts around 2,5 hours, but we can extend it or shorten it.

  • Presentation of the activity and explanation of the rules
  • Delivery of iPads and material
  • The fun begins!
  • Final ceremony with awards ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 600 people
Between 2 and 3 hours
Malaga (PTA)
This activity can be organized at any time of the year
What to wear
Comfortable clothes, since you have to run!
Important Information
This experience is exclusive to Experience Box
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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