Responsible Treasure Hunt

Solidarity and sustainability combined with team fun


Experience Box brings you an unique experience, a combination of Social Interactive treasure hunt with a good purpose, helping those people in need all over the world.

In this experience every group will have an iPad, with a geolocation software, it also has a customizable map that will cover the area with different questions and challenges. Each team will have also a bag, which contains different tools and materials to be used during the game.

The first step will be to create the teams, once this has been done, each team will have to walk and discover the city. During the game the teams will have to answer some questions about the history of the place or maybe to complete a specific puzzle.

Each challenge and question, has a determinate score that would be exchanged later for basic needs products. At the end of the day all the teams will have to pack all these products, previously purchased with points, and send it to a local Non Profit Organization.

Look no further, this activity is a combination of teamwork, fun, culture and solidarity. Is the perfect way to promote teamwork, leadership, besides all this, the experience it´s really funny

This activity can be organized anywhere around Andalucia, for example in Malaga, Marbella, Granada, Sevilla, Ronda or Estepona.


  • Also available : High Seven (including gastronomy challenges)
Who's it for?

Our solidary treasure hunt in Andalucia, is a fantastic idea for those groups who are looking for a combination of teambuilding, cultural knowledge, gastronomy and above all, helping those people who need it most.

  • Creation of the teams
  • Delivery of material
  • Activity begins
  • Award ceremony
  • Exchange points for products
  • pack these products and send to NPO

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 20 to 400 people
aprox. 3h
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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