Malaga "High-Art"

Artistic Interactive Treasure Hunt: Exclusive, artistic, cultural and fun!

Our interactive art scavenger hunt is an activity designed EXCLUSIVELY by EXPERIENCE BOX. Through this original activity, we will learn and enjoy the world-famous urban art that the city of Malaga offers us. It is a unique experience for your group, ideal also as a team building activity on the Costa del Sol.

The "High-Art" consists of a game where we will visit several spots with a lot of art in the city of Malaga, mainly in its most artistic district, the SOHO. It is a complete combination of teamwork, competition and culture. In addition, we will promote and discover the transformation, leadership, creativity and synergy skills of each of the participating groups.

We will start with the welcome of the participants and the explanatory talk of the activity, followed by the delivery to each team of a backpack with all the artistic materials and tools necessary to achieve the victory.

Once the material has been handed out, our experts in urban art will help you to better understand the outdoor museum you are about to discover and will teach you to look at "SOHO" and the city in a different way.

Each team will have an iPad that will be their fundamental tool to compete in this artistic challenge, mainly thanks to its map with geolocalization system. On this map there will appear a series of icons or points of interest to which each team will have to go in order to face a challenge related to the art of the city.

The artistic challenges to be carried out will be very varied:

  • Artistic photos
  • Solving art-related puzzles
  • Create your own masterpieces
  • Answering artistic questions
  • Surpassing chained challenges
  • Interacting with local people

And many more fun and original tests are waiting!

This activity is ideal for groups of all kinds, but above all for those groups who are looking for an active experience in Malaga, full of research, collaboration, with a teambuilding factor and above all, that offers a different perspective of the culture of the city. Something to be remembered for a long time after your return home. The activity can be tailored-made for each group, in terms of time, budget, objectives to be achieved, difficulty, starting and ending points, etc.

The starting point can be anywhere (city center, hotel, beach, etc) and the activity can end in any other different place if the group needs it, which would allow the participants to meet after the activity for a drink, lunch or dinner.


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Who's it for?

The Interactive Art Scavenger Hunt is an interactive cultural treasure hunt with iPads, designed for corporate events and teambuilding groups with Malaga as their destination. This activity can last from 2 to 3 hours.

  • Complete briefing
  • Back pack and iPads delivery 
  • Let the game begin!
  • End & Prize ceremony

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 200 people
2 to 3 hours
Suitable all year long
What to wear
Comfortable clothes and footwear
All year long, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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