Vintage Car Rally

An unforgettable experience, a once in a lifetime must do!

Experience Box brings you the opportunity to drive a series of unique historical cars such as the Renault 5, VW bettle, Citroen Ak, Lancia, Mehari, etc. If you are looking to organize with your group a very unusual and fun activity, this probably is the perfect solution for you. 

During this guided tour, we will take you trought many panoramic places, sometimes trough mountain tracks, natural springs, falls, gorges and amazing ravines or even roads near the beach. We can cover all the region of Andalucia, such as malaga, sevilla, cadiz, etc

We propose different packages to make this experience even more special and customized to your needs and expectations. 

Panoramic Routes with Challenges

Each car will have a paper notebooks that teams will use to answer some questions along the journey. These questions will be related to the route, so the participants will have to figure out for example the name of one village, forest, etc. There are some stops programmed during the day, for the participants to take pictures, relax, etc.

Interactive iPad route

This is an interactive team building competition. Each car will have an iPad with 4G connection and geolocalization software. During the route there will be some programmed stops where the teams have to solve all sorts of challenges in order to get the maximum points possible and win the game. This is not a race and remain an "escorted" rally. Challenge can be things like taking a specific picture, recording a video, answering a question, creating a puzzle, etc.

These routes can be fully customized according to your expectations. We could also add some options like : 

  • Professional photography
  • Gopro camera on each car
  • Stop for tapas
  • Snacks/drinks 
  • etc

Contact us to get more information, and start to create your Vintage Car Route

Who's it for?

This activity is perfect for groups looking to do an unusual driving experience in Andalucia with vintage and classic cars. 


All itineraries are designed "à la carte" according to starting and finishing place, available time, expectations, etc. 

Additional Information

Number of participants
From 15 to 50 people
From 2h to full day
Driving license required for this experience (for drivers only)
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Important Information
If you prefer your group NOT to drive, for example in order to include wine tasting or lunch with drinks during the tour, this is also possible.
All year round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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