The "GOAT"

The "Greatest Of All Teambondings"

If you are looking for an online / virtual activity for your department or entire company, with a clear TEAM building component, look no further. The "Greatest Of All TeamBondings" experience consists of having teams of 5 to 10 participants competing virtually at different games like :

  • Personalized quiz
  • Karaoke
  • Fortune wheel
  • Horse racing
  • Cards games
  • etc

The differences with our "Press & Beat" quiz game are :

  • The Virtual Team Challenges are team based, not played at individual level (everyone plays individually, but as part of its own team of 5 to 10 participants). 
  • The Virtual Team Challenges game includes much more than quiz questions, is even more interactive and offers a wide variety of challenges and games.

All you need to enjoy this interactive experience is a mobile phone and a device such as computer, a laptop or a tablet, both connected to the internet.

Your mobile phone will be used as an interactive buzzer just like the ones you see on TV games and shows. We will give you all the information and instructions you need during the initial briefing, so every participant and team understands objectives and rules.

Who's it for?

The "GOAT" is perfect for groups looking for a fun activity that can be organized with remotely working staff but without losing the team work element.

  • Participants’ internet connection check
  • Online Greeting by the Master of Ceremony (using Zoom, Teams, Webex or other online collaboration and communication tools). 
  • Briefing of the Competition: rules, timings etc.
  • Start of the Game and compete against the other teams
  • End of the activity and remote awards ceremony to the winning player or team

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 1000
Approx 1,5h
All year round, and all over the World
Languages Spoken

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