The Great Escape

Something unusual, unique and unforgettable !

If you are looking to do an amusing activity that combines teamwork, mind games and challenges, Experience Box has the perfect solution for you : the Escape Room game for groups. 

This is a perfect team building experience. Playing an escape game encourages communication skills, thinking outside the box and problem solving. The activities are designed to target all personalities and will impart a strong sense of cohesion between the team members. 

We have two different ways for you to enjoy this experience:

The group will be divided into different teams that will have to work together to complete the challenges. Teamwork is the key to win this game, so it is very important that each team has a specific target, like for example to complete a puzzle meanwhile the other team is trying to solve an enigma and make sure they work efficiently as a group.

The Plague
The group will be divided in two differents teams and in this case they will have to compete against each other. There is a time limit to complete the game so the teams will have to hurry and play against the clock. As a special requirement this activity requires a minimum of 20-30m2 space to set up all the challenges and hability games.

Do not hesitate, and contact us to organize your unique activity in Costa del Sol!

Who's it for?

If you are looking to have a company team building activity, this is ideal for you! Bring your team through one of our challenges and help them with their communication and team work skills.

Additional Information

Number of participants
from 20 to 150
In case of bad weather, this activity can take place indoors as long as there is a minimum space to set-up the games.
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Languages Spoken

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