iPad Orientation Rally

Use our Land Rover Defender to find the correct way !

On wheels treasure hunt rally

This is a really unique activity, designed and developped by Experience Box for any small to medium size team building or incentive corporate events on the Costa del Sol.

In this activity we will provide you a professional driver, our quality Land Rover Freeland vehicle with a capacity from 2 to 8 persons, as well as an interactive ipad with geolocalization software that will show you the following elements :

  • Your destination flag
  • Your position and the one of the other teams
  • Points of interests where you will have to go and realize something (take a specific picture or video, solve a clue, answer a question, make a game, etc)
  • Communication interface (messaging with the organization staff and the other teams)
  • Gadgets like bombs or other fun tricks you can use against other teams
  • Ghosts (like in pacman games)
  • Etc

So what's the objective in this game?
It's very simple, the objective of this is to arrive the first at the finish point to enjoy a drink or a meal and obviously win the game. But hey!!! it's not a question of going fast, have in mind that your driver will not know where to go, so your team will have to guide him from the very beginning (always respecting speed limits and driving regulations).

So it's all about your team setting up the right strategy and itinerary, solving the clues at all Points of Interest as well as possible in order not to loose time, etc. Your driver is obviously your partner and will be the key.

Get ready and don't underestimate the difficulty of the game (for example, you might well loose the internet signal at certain points...).

This is a team work game, and all the group will have to handle the ipad, as well as the notebook that will give you loads of interesting information (if you use it wisely...).

Who's it for?

This Land Rover orientation rally with iPads is the ultimate team building activity available on the costa del sol, and an exclusivity of Experience Box. The itinerary can include special stops also, like mountain bike circuits, drinks stops, mind games and brain teasing challenges, ineraction with local people in the different white villages that you will visit, etc.

The driving treasure hunt activity combines team work, culture, inland sightseeing, fun, mind and physical competition, etc. It's ideal for all sorts of groups as it can easilly be adapted to meet your expectations, profiles and interests.

  • Meet at the hotel for the briefing
  • Meet your driving partner
  • Set up your strategy and itinerary
  • Enjoy !

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 50
3h to 8h
The activity can be enjoyed whatever the weather conditions, so no need for any sort of plan B
Important Information
Participants are not allowed to drive here, we will provide to each team a professional driver
All your round, subject to availability
Languages Spoken

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