Giant SUP (paddle board)

Fun, competition, team work, watersport, etc


The BIG Paddle Surf, also called Giant SUP, is a great activity for groups (team building activities, incentive events, watersports and adventure, etc). It is an ideal activity to be organized on its own for groups of up to 60 persons, and in combination with our mega beach olympic games for larger groups (then combining this activity with beach volley or hockey, hopper fun challenge, strategy games, tower of power, kayak relay race, soccer, etc). 

We can propose several Giant SUP activities, like for example : 

The Giant Stand-up Paddle Board is a very unusual activity... It might look easy, but it requires a very good cordination and communication in order to paddle all together in the same direction and at the same  pace, which makes it a great team activity for groups looking to develop leadership, communication and team work.

We can provide up to 8 boards, each one suitable for 4 to 8 participants, and for larger groups we can combine with standard SUP board, kayaks and other beach or watersports. So this is a highly customizable experience that will for sure meet your expectations.

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Who's it for?

The Giant SUP (Stand Up Paddle board) is a great and original activity for small and medium size groups looking to combine watersports, team work, competition and a lot of fun : 

  • Team building activity
  • Incentive experience
  • Leisure (at disposal)

All itineraries are fully taylor-made in terms of objectives, duration, options, etc.

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 60 (if unique activity), and up to 300 if combined with beach olympics
1h to 4h
All year round (in winter we can propose wetsuits also)
Languages Spoken

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