Escape From LostWorld

♀A+B% = code to #|| æ/ Ì■Æj♀ *clues? ⌂§öÇ 654321 GO-ù


We have developed what is probably the most original and exciting activity ever designed on the Costa del Sol : an escape game in a private adventure resort of 55sqm located inland Marbella, Costa del Sol.

What is it all about? Well, we can't really tell you... once you arrive on site, you'll be given a goal to achieve, that could be for example to get a key that you can see but cannot reach. To reach it, you'll need a scale that is locked in a cellar. How do you get to the cellar? you'll need the code of the lock, meaning you need to find the 3 to 5 numbers and sort them correctly. For this, you'll need to achieve a series of "treasure hunt" tasks like, as examples only :

  • find the key of a quadbike, start it and follow a specific circuit with buckets of water to fill in a bottle and unveil it's mystery
  • discover the place where to get a map of the resort and use metal detectors to find metal safes that are hidden underground
  • eat insects (tarantulas, spiders, etc) to be granted tools you will need to open specific doors
  • climb on a tree, reach a platform and, with a harness and helmet, look for specific clues before you go down via a series of path (tibetan bridge, zipline, etc)
  • shoot at targets with paintball guns or air riffle gins to obtain enough points to be granted the keys to the generators room that you will need to start to get electricity to turn on the lights of the room where the next clues are hidden
  • solve very complexe calculations with all the numbers and clues you have unveiled toget the right number to the next stage
  • Unveil algorythms (like ♀A+B% = code to #|| æ/ Ì■Æj♀ *clues? ⌂§öÇ 654321 GO-ù)
  • etc

But the most important thing to know and to remember is : Сіз бұл оқи аласыз, онда сіз ойынды ұтып алатын болады (did you manage to understand the meaning of it?)

Basically, this unique "real time" treasure hunt will make your adrenaline pump into your veins and make you do things you woul dnever have imagined... and you will do it, yes, as otherwise you're locked into Lost World...

This activity includes :

  • Exclusivity of our resort (55.000sqm)
  • Staff and instructors to manage all activities and challenges
  • Maps, material and equipment needed to "escape"
  • Event managers
  • Photography of the event + grou picture

Optional :

  • Lunch on site
  • Transport to the escape lostworld
  • Aerial videography with drones
  • Flamenco show, DJ or entertainment
  • Etc
Who's it for?

This "real size" escape activity near Marbella makes an ideal team building event, but is also suitable for all sorts of corporate events like incentive trips, conferences activities, sales rewards, clients and kick-off meetings, etc.

The game is a fair combination of active and intellectual challenges that require team work, communication, strategy, luck, confidance, resistence to stress, creativity, patience and much more... will you be the one to escape first?

  • Arrival at our lost world
  • Escape, if you can...

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 40
3h to full days (overnight options on request)
What to wear
Comfortable clothes
Languages Spoken

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