Snow Games

Enjoy Sierra Nevada and the Andalucian snow games

Our Destination Management and Incoming services offer you an incredible amount of original snow activities for your company to enjoy an unforgettable team building / incentive day in Granada and Sierra Nevada (Andalucia).

It's important, when organizing such winter team building events, to keep in mind the importance of security, fun, challenge and learning.

Some examples of team activites we can organize for your company staff this winter :

  • Walking treasure hunt in the snow, with roadbook, etc : 2 hours
  • Snow challenge half-day (snow raft, snow bike, snow body, mini bobs, etc) : 3 hours
  • White Biatlon (rackets and shooting) : 3h
  • Snow golf tournament : 3h
  • Mini Bob Cross : 3h
  • Half-day snow games (team building)
  • Self-drive treasure hunts in Alpujarras
  • Etc

More details on our main team incentive activities :

1.     Sliding games

The group is divided into teams that compete against each other, rotating between the activities according to a predetermined schedule. The team effort is the determining factor when it comes to the final victory.

We plan 3 main challenges :

  • Snowraft: A race between two teams, in which the participants slide down the slope on a giant rubber ring. The one who crosses the finish line first wins.
  • Snowbike: Straightforward activity in which the participants compete by completing a slalom course on a snowbike.
  • Snow body board: A very entertaining activity with no technical difficulties. The participants have to complete a course in the shortest time possible.

Included :

  • Organization, coordination and supervision of the activities.
  • Preparation of the area with snow machines
  • Rental of snow rafts
  • Rental of snowbikes
  • Rental of snow body boards
  • Lift to the activity area
  • The personnel needed to carry out the activities: 1 coordinator, 3 activity instructors
  • Insurances

Approximate duration : 3-4 hours

Optional : mulled wine or hot chocolate during the Activities


2.     Golfing in the snow

The whole group enjoys practice and a game of golf in the snow.

Included :

  • Organization, coordination and supervision of the activities.
  • Preparation of the golf course with snowmachine
  • Rental of golf material
  • The personnel needed to carry out the activities: 1 coordinator, 2 golf instructors, 1 ball boy/girl,
  • Insurances
  • Ski lift passes

Approximate duration : 3-4 hours

Optional : Hot chocolate in the activity area, gadgets, trophies


3.     White Games in the Snow

The participants are divided into teams. The objective of the activity is pure entertainment. The teams compete against each other in 3 different activities to obtain the material for creating an

allegoric emblem of the event or an illustration of the corporate image of the company for which they work. There is also the alternative of constructing snow sculptures.

There will always be one member of each team working on the snow sculpture. The remaining four team members compete against the other teams in the various activities. The team that wins each activity obtains material to use for building the sculpture. Each time that the team obtains new material, they take it to the “construction site” and decide which 4 members to take part in the subsequent activity and which members to work on the design in the snow. Each team will rotate amongst the activities according to a predetermined schedule.

After the teams have completed all exercises and finished the construction work in the snow, a judge will assess the creations and elect the winning piece of art.

Description of the activities to obtain material:

  • Giant skis: The teams complete a technical circuit “onboard” a pair of giant skis. The challenge is to maintain their balance... The time it takes them to complete the circuit also counts.
  • Snow bob: entertaining activity using sledges that are easily steered. The teams compete by completing a beautiful circuit as fast as possible.
  • Snowshoes: After learning how to put on the snowshoes, the participants complete an easy, guided circuit, at the end of which they have to pass a little test.

Included : 

  • Organization, coordination and supervision of the activities.
  • Mounting and dismantling of the structures used in the activity.
  • Rental of snowshoes
  • Rental of giant skis
  • Rental of mini bob
  • Drinks for the treasure hunt
  • Preparation of the terrain with snow machines
  • Lift to the activity area
  • The personnel needed to carry out the activities:  1 event coordinator and 4 activity instructors
  • Insurances

Optional : Race numbers to identify the team members, Megaphones, Digital photographs and video recordings, Production of a DVD, Catering in the snow during the activities, Woolly hats, gloves, boots and any other material needed by the participants to take part in the activities, Prizes and trophies

Approximate duration : 5h

Who's it for?

Our snow games incentive and teambuilding activities are ideal for groups of 20 to 150 persons looking for original winter fun in Southern Spain. 

Additional Information

Number of participants
20 to 150 pax
2h to 5h
Should the weather not allow the snow activity to take place, a new date will be organized between parties
Winter season in Sierra Nevada
Languages Spoken

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