3D Mars Escape

An exclusive 3D team building experience

The 3D Mars escape game is UNIQUE, it's a combination of an online 3D game with a virtual collaboration team building challenge.

We will organize teams of 5 to 7 participants who will have 30 minutes to find the code that will enable them to escape to Mars. To do so, they will be able to freely move around a 3D environment in order to gather pieces of information. Without a good organization (leadership, communication, time management, roles allocation, etc) this will be almost impossible. And once all the relevant clues and pieces of information will be in their possession, it will be time to use these wisely to answer 5 specific questions that will allow them to decipher the escape code. 

This is more than just a fun game, it is a great  opportunity for you to assess and improve the "remote" collaboration skills within your department or the entire company (how to communicate in a professional and performant way while doing home working or simply when working in different cities/countries, what communication platform to use and how, how to analyse and share the relevant information with the right persons, etc).

This exclusive online training activity will require a virtual communication platform like Zoom, Ms Teams, Webex, etc (we can organize a zoom conferencing environment for the group as well as virtual breakout rooms). 

Who's it for?

The 3D Mars escape game is an exclusive activity designed for groups interested in a very ORIGINAL, UNIQUE and TECHNOLOGICAL team building and training activity.

The activity will challenge skills like information qualification and organization, leadership, communication, time and stress management, etc.

  • Welcome briefing
  • Set the stage, goals, etc
  • Access and discover the 3D environment
  • Information gathering
  • Unveil the code to escape
  • Final analisys and debriefing

Additional Information

Number of participants
10 to 1000
45/60 min in total
We recommend Chrome or Firefox as main browser
All year round
Languages Spoken

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